Reactor Relay Series Controllers

Analog Inputs Trigger Relays

NCD Engineers are currently finalizing the development of a completely new generation relay controller.  The Reactor Relay Series controllers represent the worlds first relay controller capable of making its own intelligent decisions based on user input.  Unlike previous generations, the Reactor Relay Series controllers are configured using our custom Reactor Configuration Utility.  Once configured, the controller works without a computer connected, allowing analog inputs to trigger relays according to the configuration. The Reactor Relay was developed to address the needs of customers who need a controller capable of making intelligent decisions without a computer.  Live Reactor Relays are configured wirelessly.  Once configured, the Reactor will work on its own.  At any time, a remote computer may read analog inputs and take control of the relays.  The remote computer can later return control back to the Reactor logic.

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Computer Controlled Switching without the Computer!
Reactor controllers trigger relays automatically based on inputs.  Connect sensors and setup relay activation functions using our NCD Configuration Utility Software.  Once configured, Reactor Controllers work with or without a computer!
Up to 8 timers and 4 rotations can be configured to control up to 8 relays based on 8 separate analog inputs.  Programmable Trigger Points can Trigger Timers and Rotation Counters when Analog inputs reach preconfigured levels.

Users may load and save reactor settings into individual files.

New Board Designs
The new Reactor Relay Series features our new surface mount LED lights.  These lights are smaller and brighter than previous generation lights for making relay status easier to read at a glance.  The Reactor Relays will also feature a new board design with Break-Away Tabs.  With the Tabs on, the board will fit into an enclosure.  If your project requires a smaller profile without an enclosure, simply snap off the tabs on each side for a smaller board.

Interfaces will include USB, ZigBee Wireless, XSC Long Range Wireless and ZB Mesh Networking.  All interfaces will be available in 1Channel, 2 Channel, 4 Channel and 8 channel relays.


    Over 100 sample files will be included that demonstrate the following features and many more:
  • Temperature Activated Relay
  • Light Activated Relay
  • Motion Activated Relay
  • Programmable Time Delay Relay
  • Motion Activate Sequence of Driveway Lights
  • Programmable Watchdog Timer Relay
  • Relay Background Flashing
  • Input Triggers Complex Relay Timing Sequence
  • Using Multiple Rotations
  • Push Button On/Off Relay Control
  • Push Button Triggers Flashing Relay
  • Push Button Triggers/Cancels Relay Timer Sequence
  • 8-Way Light Switch (8 Light Switches Control 1 Relay)
  • More than 100 Example Configuration Files to be Included!


Reactor Series Controller with Break-Away Tabs
8 Channel Reactor Relay with Break-Away Tabs
Reactor Series Controller with Break-Away Tabs Removed
8 Channel Reactor Relay with Tabs Broken Out
Reactor Series Controller with Break-Away Tabs Removed
8 Channel Reactor Relay Without Break-Away Tabs

Reactor Relay

Our Reactor Relays feature SPDT & SPST relays and are available eight channel 8-Bit Analog to Digital Conversion on non-Key Fob boards.  Key Fob versions will have 1 or 3 channel Analog to Digital Conversion depending on the boards configuration.  All are of course SignalSwitch compatible.
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8 Channel USB Reactor Relay Without Break-Away Tabs
8 Channel USB Reactor Relay

A/D Conversion
8 Channel Analog to Digital Converter
Key Fob Control
Control Relay with a Key Ring Fob
Reactor Relay with Analog to Digital Conversion Reactor Relay with Key Fob Control

Onboard analog to digital conversion is available on selected models of these controllers! This will allow you to:

  • Read light and temperature levels
  • Easily activate relays when A/D limits are reached
  • Detect audio levels in a room when connected to a microphone
  • Read switches, potentiometers, and analog joysticks
  • applications are limitless, and surprisingly easy to integrate
  • Available on select boards

Put the power of computer controlled switching in your hand!  Users can control relays with the touch of a button you hold in your hand! Touch a button and a command to will be sent to a Reactor Relay Series board that has a key fob chip installed to activate a relay.  Each Key Fob button can be programmed to control up to 8 relays in any number of ways.  UXP in the part number allows you to:

  • Garage Door Opening/Closing
  • Override Existing Programming
  • Lighting Applications
  • Pump Activation
  • Manual Reactor Relay Override
  • Anywhere You Need Quick On-Location Switching