1-Channel Key Fob Relay

1-Channel Key Fob with Ethernet Interface

Ethernet Relay

All The Features You Need...

  • Key Fob or Sensor Input Triggers Relays
  • Onboard Ethernet Interface Module
      - Plugs Directly into Router
  • Network Communication Options:
     - Virtual COM Port over Ethernet
     - Direct TCP/IP Communications
     - Supports DHCP
     - Supports Fixed IP Address
  • Programmable Key Fob
     - Distance 200 to 300 Feet
     - Multiple Buttons for Different Functions
     - Multiple Functions for Each Button
  • Key Fob Options
     - Multiple Key Fobs Per Board
     - Multiple Boards Per Key Fob
  • A/D Input Configuration options
     - 256 Different Trigger Points
     - 8 Background Timers Available
     - 4 Rotation Counters Available
     - Configure Activation Sequences
  • Base Station Software
     - Point & Click Interface
     - Use to Configure Board
     - Read Sensor Levels
     - Read Status of Relays
     - Manually Trigger Relays
Key Fob Relay Control
Ethernet Relay Controller Board

Ethernet Key Fob Relays are equipped with firmware built into the board that will allow a Key Fob or attached sensors to trigger relays.  These Key Fob Relays can allow you to switch when a sensor leval is reached, contact closure triggered or from a Key Fob you hold in your hand.

Ethernet Relay Options
Ethernet Relays are available with SPDT 5, 10 and 20 amp, SPST 30 amp relays installed.  Using a standard CAT-5 cable the relay will plug into your router where is can be discovered on your network.  Configuration changes can be made over the network.

Key Fob Relay Control

Simple Reliable Ethernet Relay Control
Control these Ethernet Relays through your LAN or Internet.
Supports Virtual COM Port Ethernet or Direct TCP/IP communications
Program in Almost Any Language!

Also Available:

Selecting The Ethernet Interface

USB Relay ZUSB ModuleBy choosing a Ethernet version you will connect the controller to your router or hub with a standard CAT-5 cable.  With Base Station Software you can configure the buttons on the key fob to your requirements.  You can configure your Key Fob Buttons to control relays in just about any way you can think of.  At any time, a computer connected to the network may monitor the Reactor, Trigger Events, Activate Relays, or Change Configuration settings.

Selecting an Ethernet Key Fob Relay

Below you will find the 1-channel Ethernet Key Fob Relays that are available.  The difference being the amperage of the relays installed and the type of relay.  Choose the controller that fits the amperage you are switching.  You will find SPDT relays in the 5, 10 and 20 amp versions and an SPST version in 30 amp.  For more information on selecting the correct relay for your application see Choosing a Proper Amperage.

Selecting a Key Fob

Choose a key fob that fits your needs.  You can use multiple buttons to control a single relay in different ways.  When you find your controller click on the Full Description link to view full specs, watch setup videos, download software and purchase.  Key fobs can be purchased at checkout.