Wi-Fi Reactor Relay - 1 Channel

Sensor Relay Control

sensor Relay

Wi-Fi Reactor at a Glance...

  • 1 Relay Installed on a Circuit Board
  • 8 Analog Inputs Trigger Relays
  • Configure Board with Wi-Fi Connection
  • Configuration options
      - 256 Different Trigger Points
      - 8 Background Timers Available
      - 4 Rotation Counters Available
      - Configure Activation Sequences
  • Base Station Software
      - Point & Click Interface
      - Use to Configure Board
      - Read Sensor Levels
      - Read Status of Relays
      - Manually Trigger Relays
Sensor Relay
Sensor Relay Controller Board

Our Reactor Relays make it easier than ever to add sensor controlled switching to your most switching applications.  The Reactor Relay is equipped with firmware built into the board that will allow attached sensors to trigger relays at a predetermined setting.   The Reactor Relay can allow you to switch when a sensor level is reached or contact closure triggered.

Wi-Fi Reactor Options
The Wi-Fi Reactor Relay connects to your Wi-Fi network to configure the board.  Once configured the board will work on it's own or leave connected for computer overriding of settings.  Boards are available in 5, 10 20 or 30 amp versions.

WiFi Relay
Connect on of these WiFi Relays to your wireless network and
control relays on your network or over the internet
Extremely Powerful, Very Reliable WiFi Relay!

Sensor Relay Control

The board can be configured to trigger a relay from a sensor attached to the analog inputs on the board.  Analog Inputs are capable of reading switches and sensors operating in the 0 to 5VDC range.  Once configured, the Reactor CPU is constantly monitoring external sensors using 8 analog inputs that can read switches, resistance changes, or voltages from 0 to 5VDC.  Inputs can be configured to trigger relays, relay timers, delays and relay activation sequences. Wi-Fi Communications Module

Selecting The Wi-Fi Interface

By selecting the Wi-Fi interface you will be configuring through Wi-Fi network to your computer and uploading these settings to the board.  Boards on this page are equipped with a Wi-Fi communications module that adds Wi-Fi communications to the board.  At any time, a computer may monitor the Reactor, Trigger Events, Activate Relays, or Change Configuration settings.

Selecting a Wi-Fi Relay Board

Below you will find the 1-Channel Wi-Fi Sensor Relays that are available.  The difference being the amperage of the relays installed and the type of relay.  Choose the controller that fits the amperage you are switching.  You will find SPDT relays in the 5, 10 and 20 amp versions and an SPST version in 30 amp.  For more information on selecting the correct relay for your application see Choosing a Proper Amperage.

Easy Board Selection

Find the board you need by using the interactive menu to he right.  Hover over the Button and select the number of relays you want installed and then select the computer interface you need.  Once there simply select the board with the correct amperage for the item you are switching.