8 Channel Relay Board

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8-Channel Relay

All The Features You Need...

  • 8 Relay installed on a Circuit Board
  • Reliable Rugged Design
  • Nine Communications Interfaces
      - Wired, Wireless & Network Options
  • Most Interfaces Mount as Virtual COM Port
  • Industry Leading Command Set
      - Send Specific Commands to Trigger Relays
      - Use a Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone
      - Trigger Any or All Relays
  • Program in Any Language

8 Channel Relay Boards
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Our 8 Channel USB Relay interface mounts as a virtual COM port for easy programming across all major operating systems, ensuring compatibility with all programming languages that support serial connections.  If your looking for a 8-channel relay controller we have a configuration to fit every need.  Relays offer excellent communication, speed, and reliability with the industry leading command set.

8-Channel Options
The 8-Channel Relay Boards are available in Pro and ProXR Lite versions.  There are nine different wired or wireless interfaces to send commands to the board.  Choose an interface that fits your application.

8 Channel Relay Boards
Send commands to trigger a relay, a bank of relays or all relays at once with a wired, wireless or network connection!
Choose an Interface Below

Selecting an Interface

How would you like to send commands the board?  Below you will find all the 8-Channel interfaces that are available.  Each section is broken down by the interface installed on the board.  The interface will determine how you will communicate to the board with your computer.  You will send your commands to the board using the interface you select here!  Choose the interface you require and click that link.  This will bring you to a page where you will select a board based on amperage of the relay installed.