E3C Resources
E3C is a very simple set of commands used to control multiple NCD devices on a single serial port.  There are typically 6 commands supported by an E3C compliant device.  These commands are used to control which devices are "Listening" and which devices are "Ignoring" RS-232 commands.  Bearing in mind, E3C commands are NEVER ignored.  E3C supports up to 256 devices on a single serial port.  The use of this command set is completely optional and can be ignored if you only intend to connect one NCD device to your serial port.  Details regarding E3C commands are also found in product manuals.  Keep in mind, product manuals supercede this document.  The following guide explains all the details you need to know about writing software that is compatible with our E3C networking standard. 
Click to Download: <<E3C.pdf>>