Low Cost Relay Controller
Low-Cost Relay Control Board

Large Selection
We offer a large selection of Low Cost Relay Controllers with one and two relay options. Interface options include an onboard RS232 interface on the R120HPRS (shown in video) and R220HPRS models or a RS232 connection via an optional Quick Start Kit on the R120HP and R220HP models.  Low cost wireless is available in the ZR220HP with ZigBee Wireless interface.  All models have a high power 20 amp relay installed and feature reliable field tested boards.

Signal Switch Compatible
All of our Low Cost Relay are of course SignalSwitch compatible and can be controlled over the internet using SignalSwitch.com.

Mounts as a Virtual COM Port
Features include no-click startup, an LED status light, and E3C compliance.  Relays can be controlled at 9600 baud and is compatible with ANY computer or microcontroller capable of delivering RS232 data. These devices mount as a virtual COM Port for easy programming, simply connect the serial cable or ZigBee Modem and start sending commands.