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LabVIEW Resources

VI's Specially Designed to Control NCD Devices

The following two VI's are specially designed to control the NCD relay devices.  The first file is a relay tester. This tester helps set up simple communication to the NCD device and runs a test of all of the relays.  The second VI is the NCD ally handle relay macros or to manually turn on and off individual relays or manually type in requests.  These VI's are written using Labview 7.1.  Although the VI's are self explanatory, any questions can be directed to  If needed, Laundry Logix can also custom build your Labview application (for a fee) in symphony with any NCD device.

The third VI DOES run the ProXR board on a XP system with Labview 7.1, its a modified version of the one from this site. It will turn on the first three relays then turn them off in sequence, the correct com port needs to be entered on the front panel in the box labeled "VISA resource name", the driver we used is the one from the FTDI site, 2.06.00 Written to test the functions of the IOADR16x series controllers Universal Driver allows NCD Hardware to be used with Labview
ProXR Turn on the first three relays then turn them off in sequence