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Sneak Peek at Upcoming Products and Their Release dates

All New MirC Controllers          Expected Release March, 2010

Contact Closure Inputs Control Contact Closure Outputs in a Remote Location

The MirC Series Relay Controllers are ready to go to work immediately out of the box. No Computers, No Configuration, Just Simple, Reliable Wireless Communications between two devices that permanently work together as a married pair.
MirC controllers allow contact closure inputs to control contact closure outputs in a remote location using wireless 2-way communications. The sending device is equipped with contact closure inputs, used to control relays on the remote device. Both sender and relay controller are included when you purchase a MirC pair.

The sending device is also equipped with LEDs that display the status of the remote relay. Status information is verified using 2-way wireless communications. If communication is lost between the remote relay and the sending device, the sending device will turn off the LED. Additionally, every MirC controller is equipped with a Busy/Ready LED. If the Busy LED flashes, this indicates the remote device has successfully received and accepted your contact closure status. If the Busy LED does not flash, the remote device is out of range.

MirC devices are only sold as a permanently married pair, pricing shown on our web site indicates pricing for the pair of controllers.  Contact Closure Inputs may only be connected to switches, buttons, or sensors with Contact Closure capability.  Not suitable for use in voltage detection applications.  MirC devices use 802.15.4 two-way communications to ensure the remote device is properly functioning. 

If you require relay control on both devices we offer the MirX Series Controller.  The inputs on one controller activate the relays on the remote device using wireless communications. The "X" in MirX refers to the crossover. Since both devices are equipped with contact closure inputs and relays, each device targets and controls the remote device.
    MirC Series Features:
  • Long Range Wireless Operation
  • Sold in Pairs
  • Contact Closure Inputs on Sender
  • Relay Outputs on Receiver
  • Sender Displays Status of Remote Relays
  • 2-Way Communication with Verification
  • No Configuration
  • No Computers
  • No Programming
Taralist Controller
MirC Boards will be available in 1, 2, 4, and 8 channel relays and are always sold in married pairs feature SPDT & SPST relays and are available with the same number of contact closure inputs/outputs as there are relays installed on the remote device.


TaraList Controllers          Expected Release April, 2010

Real Time Clock Control

The TaraList controllers are time activated relay controllers that include a built-in clock and battery backup to allow you to set and schedule relay switching.  The controller will store 999 events and each event is time activated but the computer can take control and return control when needed.  For example you can set the controller to turn on at 9:00 and turn off at 9:30

Add real time clock features to any ProXR Controller with the TaraList Expansion Board.  You will be able to access the real time clock scheduling feature of the TaraList by using the XR expansion port of any ProXR board.

Interfaces will include USB, ZigBee Wireless, XSC Long Range Wireless and ZB Mesh Networking.  All interfaces will be available in 8,16, 24, 32, 48, 56 and 64 channel relays.

Taralist Controller
USB TaraList Expansion Controller
    TaraList Series Features:
  • Built-In Real Time Clock
  • Built-In Battery Backup
  • Store 999 Events
  • Computer Override
  • Control up to 256 Relays
TaraList Boards will be available in 8,16, 24, 32, 48, 56 and 64 channels feature 5 and 10 amp SPDT relays.  A TaraList Expansion Module will also be available to add real time clock control to any ProXR board! 

ZUSB         Expected Release April, 2010

USB Interface Module for ZigBee & XSC Devices

Convert any NCD ZigBee or XSC Relay Controller to a USB board.  We will be offering top side and top entry version so the cable will not interfere with any existing NCD ZigBee or XSC boards.  We will also be offering 1 and 2 Channel USB Relay Boards!  The module will include the USB cable.

The Reactor and Key Fob series have been released and the other models will be released throughout the coming weeks.
    Benefits of USB Interface Module
  • Convert any ZigBee or XSC Board to USB
  • Use Only for NCD Devices
  • Top or Side Entry Versions
  • USB Cable Included
  • SignalSwitch Compatible
ZUSB Interface Module with Side Port
ZUSB Module with side port
USB Reactor Series Controller ZUSB Module with Top Port 
ZUSB Module with top port