What is ProXR?

ProXR refers to a set of standardized commands used for computer control and data collection.  A controller that supports the ProXR command set is a controller that is built to control up to 256 relays, using commands that can be sent to any controller that offers ProXR compatibility.  This allows software developers to create programs for our products, then upgrade or change connectivity options without having to rewrite their software.  ProXR commands can be sent to our controllers via the RS-232 serial port, the USB port, Bluetooth, Fiber Optic, Wireless ZigBee/Mesh, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi 802.11b...all without rewriting your software....simply develop your programs to work with the serial port of your computer.  Let ProXR controllers manage the rest.  Detailed information about the ProXR command set can be found in the ProXR Manual.

Building a solid foundation for future hardware is what ProXR is all about.  We have worked hard to modularize the ProXR firmware in such a way that it can support growth of features without sacrificing backward compatibility.  Most controllers produced from 2007 onward will support our ProXR command set.  These controllers will also include a XR Expansion Port, allowing you to add relays to any controller you choose.  So if your needs for computer control increase, our controllers will be ready for your growth.

With all the control and backward/forward compatibility you have come to expect from the ProXR series command set, this controller allow you to send simple commands to activate relays, read the status of relays, activate up to 16 relay timers, and control up to 256 total relays using the XR expansion port.  All relays are electronically latched, simply send a command to turn the relay on, send a different command to turn the relay off.