Watchdog Timer

Watchdog Relay,  Watchdog Switch,  Watchdog Server Reboot

Watchdog Timer Relay, Watch Dog Server Reboot Restart
NCD ProXR Series Controllers Employ Watchdog Timing features, and is a primary reason why we developed the ProXR standard.  There are 16 watch dog timers built into EVERY ProXR series controller.  Watchdog timers are ideal for watchdog server reboot applications, allowing the watchdog timer to restart up to 16 different servers if communications to the controller should ever stop for any reason.  A server watchdog is critical for many of today’s internet technologies, offering a hardware failsafe unlike any other product on the market. 

Watchdog Timer Relay,  Watch Dog Relay,  Watchdog Switch
Watchdog timers are ideal for many other applications as well.  For instance, a watchdog light allows you to activate a light for a few minutes.  And as long as the computer periodically tells the watchdog timer to reset, the watchdog light will never go off.  But if communications were to fail, the watchdog would automatically shut the light off.  Watchdog timers are also ideal for heating and cooling applications, allowing you to safely control heating, cooling, and HVAC systems without fear of computer failure.  Think of the ProXR series controllers as a programmable watchdog switch.  Any application that needs computer controlled watchdog switching is an ideal candidate for a ProXR controller.  There are 16 programmable watchdog timers built into every ProXR controller.  This allows you to employ 16 watchdog switches into any application you may have.

Watchdog Timer Connectivity Options
NCD ProXR Series Controllers specialize in diverse connectivity options.  Available in RS232, USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 802.15.4 Wireless, Bluetooth, Fiber Optic, Wireless, RS-232, and Serial watchdog interface.  Since ALL ProXR Series Controllers offer watchdog timers, you can choose ANY ProXR controller for your watchdog timing applications.  Since there are sixteen watchdog timers built into every ProXR controller, most customers like to use our 16-Channel relay controllers.  Below is a list of our popular 16-channel relay controllers.  Click here for a complete list of ProXR series controllers that support 16 watchdog relay timers.