WiFi 802.11b Relay

802.11b relay WiFi Relay

Computer Controlled Switching from
Anywhere on the Network

Wi-Fi 802.11b relay allow computer controlled switching from any computer connected to a wireless internet access point.  A Wi-Fi 802.11 relay Controller must be within range of an internet hot spot, allowing computer controlled switching from anywhere on the network.

Summary of Wi-Fi Communications

  • 802.11b Wireless Network Interface mounts as a COM port on your PC through your WLAN
  • Supports Telnet and Data Encryption with password protection
  • Embedded Digi Connect Wi-MEŽ Wireless Network Interface and Web Server from www.digi.com
  • Plug in, open the COM port and start sending commands
  • SPDT, DPDT and Solid State versions
  • Control one relay at a time or all relays at once with manual and automatic refreshing command set
  • ProXR versions are capable of controlling up to 256 relays
  • CPU status LEDs show command processing Activity
  • SignalSwitch Compatible
The ease of setup and expansion of our Wi Fi Relay Boards is demonstrated above.
Parts used above:
XR165 Expansion Board
16 Channel WiFi Relay Board

Easy Software Development

Communications and software development is very easy, simply write your software to speak to the RS-232 serial port (COM port of your PC), and install the included RealPort Drivers that allow you to map a COM port to an I.P. address. So you do not have to know anything about Wi-Fi 802.11b communications to speak to the device.

Many Communication Protocols for Advanced Users

Advanced users may want to employ other communication protocols to speak the the Wi-Fi 802.11b Relay Controller. NCD Wi-Fi 802.11b Relay Controllers can also be controlled using Telnet. I.P. Addresses and are automatically or manually assigned. NCD Ethernet Relay Controllers Aaso support security protocols such as Shared Key, WEP, WPA, and Cisco LEAP with support for WEP, TKIP, and CCMP Data Encryption.
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A/D Conversion
Wi-Fi Analog to Digital Converter
UXP Expansion
UXP Expansion Port
XR Expansion
ProXR versions
Wi-Fi Relay with Analog to Digital Conversion Wi-Fi Relay with UPX Expansion Port Wi-Fi Relay with XR Expansion Port

Onboard analog to digital conversion is available on selected models of these controllers! This will allow you to:

  • Read light and temperature levels
  • Easily activate relays when A/D limits are reached
  • Detect audio levels in a room when connected to a microphone
  • Read switches, potentiometers, and analog joysticks
  • applications are limitless, and surprisingly easy to integrate
  • Available on the 4, 8, and 16 channel boards

UXP is a new standardized data port, specifically for the purpose of speaking to various expansion modules. If the controller you are considering is equipped with a UXP port, you can take advantage of extended commands to speak to our growing line of I/O expansion modules. UXP in the part number allows you to:

  • Add Contact Closure Inputs
  • Add Analog to Digital Inputs
  • Add Voltage Detectors
  • Digital Potentiometer Outputs
  • Available on the 4 and 8 channel boards

Models with the ProXR suffix will feature the ProXR commend set. The ProXR series will allow you to:

  • Send simple commands to activate relays
  • Upgrade without having to re-write your software
  • Activate up to 16 relay timers
  • Control up to 256 total relays using the XR expansion port
  • Full backward/forward compatibility w/the ProXR series command set
  • Available on 4, 8, and 16 channel boards