XR Expansion Modules

Control up to 256 Relays with any ProXR Controller

XR Expansion

XR Expansion Boards will allow you to add up to a total of 256 relays using the XR Port on your controller.  These Expansion Boards are only compatible with ProXR series boards and are not able to work on their own.  They get their instructions from the main controller.
    Summary of XR Modules
  • Compatible with ProXR Series Controllers ONLY
  • Not a stand-alone controller - MUST be used with a ProXR Series Controller
  • Add up to 256 Relays to any ProXR Controller
  • Includes 6" XR Expansion Cable
  • Different Types of XR Expansion Modules can be Chained Together
  • Onboard Relay Status LEDs
  • Available with SPST, SPDT, DPDT, High-Current and Signal Switching Relays
  • Power LEDs
  • Optional Power Supply
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XR Expansion Modules

XR Expansion Boards have no on-board brains.  They are entirely reliant on the brains of a "master" device.  A master device is an NCD controller with an XR expansion port and a microprocessor of some kind.  Some master devices are wireless, and some master devices have digital I/O and analog to digital conversion capabilities.  Some master devices also have on-board relays.  The main purpose of the XR port is to add relays to the main controller.  When you run out of relays, simply plug in an XR expansion controller that is equipped with the kind of relays you need.  All XR Expansion modules are compatible with each other so if you want to add different types of relays you can.  For controllers that are equipped with an XR Expansion port (and are suitable master devices for XR Series Expansion Controllers) simply look for PROXR in the part number.

UXP Expansion Modules

Like the XR Expansion Modules the UXP Expansion Boards have no on-board brains.  They are entirely reliant on the brains of a "master" device.  The difference with he UXP Expansion is you don't have the ability to add relays with this port but to add applications to a controller (must be a UXP controller).  If you need to add Analog to Digital Conversion (A/D), Contact Closure Inputs or Digital Potentiometers just plug in the appropriate expansion module to a board that is equipped with a UXP Expansion Port.  You cannot daisy chain different types of modules to the same controller however. In other words if you plug in a potentiometer you will not be able to plug a contact closure or A/D module also.   For controllers that are equipped with a UXP Expansion port (and are suitable master devices for UXP Series Expansion) simply look for UXP in the part number.  All UXP Expansion Modules have an input and an output so you can simply daisy chain the boards together until you reach the number of contacts you are looking for.



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