ZUSB Modules

ZUSB Modules for Reliable USB Connections

ZUSB Modules are available in three varieties and can replace each other or even replace an 802.15.4 or XSC module.

ZUSB Modules at a Glance

  • Adds USB Communications to NCD Devices
  • Powered from the USB Port
  • Compatible with all NCD Devices with modular communications profile
  • Available with Top, Side, or Top-Side Mini USB Port
  • Configure the USB access of your board for your installation requirements
  • Use a ZUSB Module for USB Configuration of Reactor, Key Fob or Taralist Relays

ZUSB Varieties:


ZUSB Module with Side Access
USB Interface Module for ZigBee and XSC Devices - Side Entry
Product Link: ZUSB Module
ZUSB Module our most popular module and the module used on most boards. Side entry allows the USB cable to be connected in a low profile usually from the side of the controller.


ZUSB Module with Top Access
USB Interface Module for ZigBee and XSC Devices - Top Entry
Product Link: ZUSB-TOP Module
ZUSB-TOP is for boards that require top access due to board limitations where the module is not located on the side. This module can also be used in place of the side access module if your situation requires top access.


ZUSB Module with top & Side Access
USB Interface Module for ZigBee and XSC Devices - Top & Side Entry
Product Link: ZUSB-TS Module
ZUSB-TS for installations where top or side access may be needed but not known at the time of purchase or may change over time.

ZUSB Modules

Available in Top, Side and Top & Side Configurations
Transmission Lights Let You Know Communications are Active
NCD Exclusive USB Connectivity for More Reliable Communication

Modular USB Communications

The ZUSB communications module adds USB communications to all NCD devices equipped to accept modular wireless communication modules. The ZUSB is powered from the USB port of your computer and includes a 6' USB Cable. The ZUSB is available in three varieties:

The ZUSB has a USB port that accepts a USB cable that enters from the side of the ZUSB module.

The ZUSB-TOP has a USB port that accepts a USB cable that enters from the top of the ZUSB module.

The ZUSB-TS has two USB ports that accepts a USB cable from the Top or the Side of the ZUSB module. Only one port can be used at a time.

The ZUSB is ONLY compatible with NCD devices and should not be used with devices manufactured by other companies.
    Benefits of USB Interface Module
  • Convert any ZigBee or XSC Board to USB
  • Use Only for NCD Devices
  • Top or Side Entry Versions
  • USB Cable Included
  • 1 Channel USB Relay Now Available
  • SignalSwitch Compatible
    Summary of USB Communications
  • USB Interface mounts as a Virtual COM Port on your PC for easy programming and 100% compatibility across ALL operating systems
  • Plug in, open the Virtual COM Port at 115.2K baud, and start sending commands
  • Expandable to control up to 256 Relays using the XR Expansion Port
  • Available in Reactor and Key Fob Relay Series
  • Control one relay at a time or all relays at once with manual and automatic refreshing command set
  • SignalSwitch Compatible

The ZUSB Series Modules can also be use to to replace a wireless module on the Reactor or Key Fob or Taralist series controllers during configuration or troubleshooting. Replacing the wireless module allows local configuration and initial setup of the controllers without using the wireless module.