Android Relay Control

Android Controlled Relays - With a free Android app

Putting Relay Control at your Fingertips

Our new Android Device Category is filled with all things controllable through apps freely available on the android market.
This means that without any programming from you, and with a little bit of configuration in the app you can control electronics within minutes of getting your Board.
The power of Relay Control with the convenience of mobile control.

The App to control our new Bluetooth Boards is available now on the Android Market

Android Relay

These boards communicate and are controlled by Android over a Bluetooth connection which means you can have access to control your electronics within minutes using an industry standard Bluetooth Connection.

Android Relay App Available

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play marketplace. Currently it allows you to control up to 8 relays each with individual names. All you have to do is download the app, pair with the desired Bluetooth Board, open the app and select the desired device. Select how many relays your board has, name them if desired.

Get the app now!

Bluetooth Android App Screen Shots

About Bluetooth

This controller uses our ZBT Module to give connectivity to it over Bluetooth. This Bluetooth module can be configured using a Bluetooth Configuration Kit (not required for use). This will allow you to customize and change the passcode to pair with the device, the name of the device, and many other configuration options. The configuration kit is not necessary to use the board, but you may find you get more out your application by tweaking the configuration of the module. You can download Bluetooth Configuration Software Here.