Our upcoming Android Device Category will be filled with all things controllable through apps freely available on the android market.
This means that without any programming from you, and with a little bit of configuration in the app you can control electronics within minutes of getting your Board.
The power of Relay Control with the convenience of mobile control.

The App to control our new WiFi Boards is available now on the Android Market


A teaser for our currently available Android WiFi TCP App. Now avaliable for download here.

About Android Relays

These boards communicate and are controlled by Android over a WiFi (WLAN) connection or the internet through either your 3g, 4g, or a properly configured Local Area Network connection. This means the free to use IO Relay TCP Android app can allow you to control your electronic devices from anywhere in the world using tools many people are already acquainted with and carry at all times.

About the Android App

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play marketplace. Currently it allows you to control up to 8 relays each with individual names. All you have to do is download the app go to the configuration page and type in the IP Address, the port number the the Device is listening on (2101 by default), and choose how many relays your board has.

Preview of the interface of the IO Relay TCP app

The Android app has an option to "Disconnect Socket" which if checked allows multiple Android Devices to communicate with the board at the same time. Checking this option will slow down communications with the board, but over a LAN Connection this shouldn't be a noticeable speed change.

The app was intentionally designed to try for as long as it can to establish communications and make sure the command goes through. However, these continuous attempts may cause force close errors, most notably when either the Relays are out of range, the Android Device is out of Range, or there is an internet outage. We hope to find a viable solution to this in updates to come.