Wireless Motion Detector

Use a MirC controller to wirlessly detect Detect Motion.

Wireless Motion Detector

Wireless Motion Detector


In this video I will explain how the MirC controller can be used to wirelessly detect a Motion Detector. This would be a great setup for a security system and would not require wiring between the devices. So if your ready lets get started.

Package Includes

  • List of equipment included in package:
  • MirCR15
  • Motion Detector
  • 2 Power Supplies
MirC Relay

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Reactor Relay
Wireless Motion Detector
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Part 1: An Overview of Reactor Series Relay Controllers.


Part 2: All about Reactor Series Controller Inputs.


Part 3: All about Reactor Series Controller Events.


Part 4: All about Reactor Series Controller Outputs.


Part 5: Learn how to use the NCD Configuration Utility to Setup your Reactor Controller.


This video will show you what Induction is and how to use Capacitors to Suppress it.
Also read our Article on Induction Suppression.

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Wireless Motion Detector

Wireless Motion Detector

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