16-Channel Contact Closure Detection

Serial 16-Channel Contact Closure Input Scanner Detector

Product Code: ZSCAN16PROXR_ZRS

ZSCAN16PROXR_ZRS ProXR Lite Relay Controller
The ZSCAN16PROXR_ZRS features an onboard Ethernet port that will connect directly to a router and supports Virtual COM Port Ethernet Communications, Direct TCP/IP communications
RS-232 Contact Closure Detection
ProXR with RS-232 Interface

The ZSCAN16PROXR_ZRS is equipped with firmware built into the board that will allow you to monitor contact closure inputs using a computer.  The ZSCAN16PROXR_ZRS uses a DB9 or direct wire interface to communicate with your computer.

ZSCAN16PROXR_ZRS The Ideal Choice
The ZSCAN16PROXR_ZRS is the ideal choice for monitoring contact closure inputs and triggering relays based on the data from the inputs.  The ZSCAN16PROXR_ZRS can be expanded to accomidate up to 256 inputs and up to 256 relays can be added tot he board as your needs grow.

Contact Closure Detection
The ZSCAN16PROXR_ZRS includes
an Ethernet interface for contact closure monitoring.
Extremely Powerful, Reliable Contact Closure Monitoring!