Bluetooth Relay

Pair with Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer
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Bluetooth Relay

Bluetooth is an ideal wireless platform relay control within a short range.  Bluetooth Relays will be paired with your computer, smart phone or tablet using the Bluetooth connection on your device.  This involves traditional pairing methods you are already familiar with.  Once paired, the board will appear in your Bluetooth control panel, and a new COM port will be available for computer users.  Once the connection has been established Android users can download the free app from Google Play and start controlling the relay installed.

ZBT Modules

Bluetooth Relay ModuleThis board is equipped with a ZBT Module.  The ZBT communications module adds Bluetooth communications to the board.  There are two module options available, for more on each module see Bluetooth Module Options  The ZBT module is powered from the board.  The board itself will require 12 volts of power and can be hard wired or you can purchase a "wall wart" type Power Supply at checkout.  Bluetooth Module Datasheet

Bluetooth Configuration

Bluetooth ZigMo AdapterConfiguration is easy with the optional Bluetooth ZigMo Modem. Simply connect it to the USB port of your computer with the supplied cable and you will be able to select a COM port, change the baud rate or enter a security pin code.  The Bluetooth ZigMo is available as an option when you purchase your Bluetooth controller.  The ZBT module will pull off the board and can be installed in the ZigMo for configuration.  You can then configure the baud rate and password settings if you require a secure wireless control.  After configuration the ZBT module can be re-installed in your board and it will be configured to fit your needs.  For more information on Bluetooth configuration see Configuring the Bluetooth Module.

Sending Commands

For computer users Base Station Software is available at no charge to get you up and running fast (more on Base Station below).  Once powered up, the controller waits for a command.  A command consists of a few bytes of data in numerical format (ProXR Enhanced Command Set) usually between 2 and 6 bytes.  Once the command has been received, the controller processes the command, and sends you back ASCII character code 85 to signal the completion of your command.  If a command was sent to read the status of the relay the status is sent back.

Android App Available

For Android users a free app is available for your phone or tablet and can be downloaded from the Google Play. Control up to 32 relays and set each with an individual name.  All you have to do is download the app and pair with this Bluetooth Board.  This free app was programmed to control these boards and offer a reliable alternative to computer control.

Get the app now!

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Custom Smartphone App Design

Looking for an app for your Android or iPhone?  Need something that our existing app canít do or need a different look?  Contact our app development team to discuss your needs and see how a custom app can be written for your project.  Our developers are familiar with this relay and itís command set and can build you an app quicker than other developers Ė this saves you time & money.  Our existing apps can also be modified to fit your needs saving you even more time & money!  Contact us today and see just how affordable an app can be!  Email Travis at:

Induction Suppression

Induction CapacitorPerhaps the most overlooked aspect of relay control is proper handling of inductive loads. Inductive loads can best be defined as anything with a magnetic coil, such as a motor, solenoid, or a transformer.  Controlling a inductive load using this relay controller requires the use of induction suppression capacitors.  The purpose of this capacitor is to absorb the high voltages generated by inductive loads, blocking them from the contacts of the relay.  Without this capacitor, the lifespan of the relay will be greatly reduced.  Induction can be so severe that it electrically interferes with the microprocessor logic of our controllers, causing relay banks to shut themselves down unexpectedly.  In the case of Ethernet devices, customers may experience loss of communications until the device is reconnected.  Capacitors that we offer are available at checkout, for more information view our Induction Suppression Video.