Add Contact Closure to any UXP Port

Switch Closure Input is a vital part of just about any control system. Our ScanSwitch expansion modules allow you to read 16, 32, or 48 switches per expansion module. Multiple expansion modules are easily chained together to read more inputs and will work with any SCAN Series Contact Closure Input Detectors. For instance, if you need your computer to monitor 64 switches, you can use your choice of 32 Channel Contact Closure Input Board and one USCS32 ScanSwitch expansion modules (connected end to end) to read your switches.  You can also connect the ScanSwitch Expansion Boards to any UXP Relay Board and make it a Contact Closure Detector.   Please note: this is an expansion module and must be connected to a compatible board to work. This board will NOT work on it's own.

Here's How It Works

ScanSwitch is an expansion module that connects to a UXP or Ultra Series controller with version 2.0 or later firmware. To use this device, simply connect the ScanSwitch to any available UXP or Ultra Port. Next, you will send a couple of bytes of data to the Ultra series controller, requesting input detection. The Ultra Controller will report back a value from 0-255, indicating the current status of the inputs on a selected bank in binary form.