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By Ryan Sheldon
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Controlling NCD Devices Over the Internet

National Control Devices will be opening our first prototype version of to the public sometime during the Summer of 2008. will allow you to control NCD devices over the internet from anywhere in the world for Free.

Key Features Include:

User-Customized Pages for Controlling Devices from Anywhere in the World from
User-Customized PDA (Pocket PC) Pages for Controlling Devices from Anywhere in the World from
One Account can Service Thousands of Controllers Worldwide
Client Application Tools Allow you to Write your Own Software for Internet Control
Complete Integration Tools for Computer Control from your Own Web Site
Free Service to unlimited Client Locations

Here's How it Works talks directly to a program on your computer called a listener.  The listener is a free download that maintains client connection with and waits for a command.  This service will work with any NCD device.  If your device is a WI-Fi or Ethernet device no computer is needed, will talk directly to the device through it's Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection.  For a more detailed overview visit our SignalSwitch Page.

Here's What People are Saying about

"It's fun seeing the site progress as you guys work on it...great job so far!"

"Working like a top..." is currently under development, and will be supporting many more features as the site continues to grow.  We anticipate opening a Beta version of the site in the October 1, 2008.

Progress Notes:  September 19, 2008

Anticipated beta release date October 1st.:SignalSwitch Testing

We have pushed back the release date from September 1st to October 1st to work out a couple of bugs and add a feature or two.  Visiting the page you will find a login screen where you can now create an account and begin setting yourself up as a user.  We are looking for beta testers beginning on October 1st but we have had several customers that "just can't wait" and have set up accounts and started using internet control. 

Please note that the site is still in the programming stage and you may encounter the site being down for short periods of time.  We are however in the process of doing long duration testing on several boards with several relays connected to the same account.  These boards have been connected to SignalSwitch for several days through an ethernet connection and working without a computer without fail.  We have simulated power failures and other adverse conditions to make the system as reliable a possible.  With the power failure the boards were able to connect back to the listener as soon as the power was restored.  We have also sent commands through SignalSwitch to these boards from various locations and as far away as China and they have performed perfectly!

Another exciting technology is the ZigBee Mesh Networking and we are currently in development with this wireless protocol and expect to release a series of ZigBee boards capable of Mesh Networking that will of course be SignalSwitch compatible.  Our goal is to provide internet control for every board we offer no matter how small or how large your application!

If you're an existing customer your board will work with SignalSwitch.  If you don't have one of our boards yet, what are you waiting for?  Internet control is here and we want you to be part of it!

Progress Notes:  August 18, 2008

Phase III almost completed.  Anticipated beta release date September 1st.:

1)User customizable pages are in the final stages of development.  You can add, move, delete, and define your own layout to fit your applications.

2)Control any NCD device through without the use of a computer!  Direct support for Wi-Fi is now completely working.  Direct support for Ethernet will be completed in about two weeks.

3) now supports multiple devices!  You can now control multiple devices through from a single screen. 

4)We anticipate a Beta version of the site to begin on September 1st with unlimited access and listeners and are now looking to set up Beta testers.  If you are interested in being one of the first to use this exciting new technology please email Ryan Sheldon at

5)We are currently have a few select customers testing the site and here's what one of them has to say about it: "It's fun seeing the site progress as you guys work on it...great job so far!"

Progress Notes:  May 20, 2008

Xu and I completed Phase II testing or Beta Site  The following test were completed successfully:

1) Activated many Relays in Osceola, Missouri from Shanghai, China Through Laptop with an Internet connection running the current version of Listener software.  Communication Path was Shanghai, China, to, Served out of Japan, to Laptop, to ZigBee Wireless Device.  Tested repeatedly for long periods of time with excellent results.

2) Activated many Relays in Osceola, Missouri from Shanghai, China Through a HTC 6800 Mobile Phone Running Windows Mobile 6.  Phone has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Capabilities.  Listener software was running on phone.  Communication Path was Shanghai, China, to, Served out of Japan, to Mobile Phone, to Bluetooth device.  Tested repeatedly for long periods of time with excellent results.

3) Tested 2 simultaneous user accounts, running at the same time.  Tested in configuration above.  Text completed with excellent results.

4)  Activated Relays in Shanghai, China from Osceola Missouri using a custom developed client application logged into user account through  Activated relays from Laptop and from HTC 6800 mobile phone, equipped with a Wi-Fi internet connection, running custom developed client applications.  Test completed successfully with excellent results.

5) Xu demonstrated user account management features of, which are currently running on a custom application on a Local PC.  Account creation and management will be moved to a User interface on during Phase III development.

6) Xu demonstrated logging features of, which are used to assist in troubleshooting of communications with

Phase II tested completed successfully, demonstrating internet controlled relays though the use of our dedicated, custom developed server,  Performance testing of will be an important factor as we continue to move into Phase III development.  With current architecture, it should be possible for thousands of users to constantly communicate to remote device with minimal delay.  This will allow remote monitoring and control from devices located anywhere throughout the world where an internet connection is possible.

Phase III plans include refining development tools for Client Applications that communicate with  Creating a Web Interface for Master Administrators, Administrators, and Users.  Upon completion of Phase III, we intend to make free Licenses available to customers for testing and feedback.  Ozarks Audio Visual is currently dedicated to the on-going development and funding of the project on a unlimited basis.

Internet Control from