ZigBee ZB Mesh Module

ZigBee ZB Mesh Module

About the XB24-Z7WIT-004 Modules

The XB24-AWI-INT adds a Mesh Networking interface to the boards.  By selecting the ZB Mesh interface you will be sending commands over an existing Mesh Network.  We don't recommend first time users learning Mesh Networking with these devices.  Users should have an understanding of Mesh Networking, we will not be able to provide Mesh Networking support.

    XBP24-AWI-EXT Modules at a Glance
  • Digi Series 2 Interface
      - Mesh Networking Module
      - Integrates in Existing Mesh Network   - Snap-On 3" Pigtail
      - Line-Of-Site Operation for Optimal Range
      - Requires 802.15.4 Modem
      - Coordinator Required for New Networks
  • Compatible with
      - ProXR & ProXR Lite Boards
      - Taralist Boards
      - Reactor Boards
      - Fusion Boards

RoHS Compliant

Compliance to ROHS StandardsThis board is led free and RoHS Compliant.  If your requirements are for RoHS compliant parts this board is manufactured with RoHS compliant led free parts and solder.


ZigBee ZB Mesh Module