Base Station Software

Base StationBase Station Software (a free download) will assist you in configuring the Key Fob module.  The KFX Key Fob Receiver Configuration window in Base Station is used to configure the settings of the KFX Receiver module.  The KFX receiver is designed to send commands to the boards when Key Fob buttons are pressed or released.  All Key Fob configurations will be made through Base Station on a PC and an overview will be discussed below. 

Module Setup

The KFX Receiver Module is configured using our Base Station Software, and must be plugged into the ZIGMO only during configuration.  Only one ZIGMO is needed regardless of the number of KFX Receivers you intend to use.  The ZIGMO acts as an interface between your computer and the KFX Receiver, allowing you to define the Baud Rate, and Data Bytes that are transmitted for each Key Fob button Press.  The ZIGMO is included with the KFX Integration Kit.  Configuration is a simple Point and Click process, setting parameters to activate relays with user-defined limits, see KFX Quick Start Guide for more on configuring the module.  Configuration files can be saved onto your computer and into the controller.  This configuration system simply tells the KFX Module what commands to send to the board and how the buttons should interact with the relays.  Once you are satisfied with the operation of the configuration, you can disconnect the board from the computer and it will operate on it's own.

ProXR Relay

We've looked at the interface and the configuration now let's take a look at the board design itself.  This board is part of the ProXR Lite Series of relay controllers.  ProXR series controllers are machine manufactured for a highly accurate and reliable design.  Fully tested before they leave the production facility each controller is ready to stand up to rigorous demands from heat, cold or vibration.  The best test of all is the numerous boards in the field from customers all over the world in all sorts of conditions.  Take it from us, these controllers will hold up!

Break-A-Way Tabs for a Smaller Design

The Key Fob Reactor boards have a great feature where space is a premium - Break-A-Way Tabs. The Break-A-Way Tabs allow most boards to fit in an optional undrilled plastic enclosure.  Snap off the Break-A-Way Tabs and you have a controller with a smaller profile when you need to fit in a tight space.

Not Expandable

The ProXR Lite Series controllers are not expandable.

Compliance to ROHS StandardsRoHS Option

This board is led free and RoHS Compliant.  If your requirements are for RoHS compliant parts this board is manufactured with RoHS compliant led free parts and solder.

30-Day Warranty/Money Back Guarantee

ProXR Lite series controllers are guaranteed against manufacturing and functionality defects for a full 30 days!  Not to mention a 30-day money back guarantee!  If for any reason you are not happy with a relay purchased from NCD, simply return it within 30 days and we will give you your money back!  Controllers that are damaged by our customers will not of course be warranted under any circumstances. 

Millions of Relay Cycles

Reactor series controllers are designed for long life, you should expect to get years of service from your controller and literally 1 to 2 million cycles from the relay(s) onboard.  With a 30-day warranty and a money back guarantee you have nothing to loose!  Place your order now!


The boards sold are brand new units shipped from our office conveniently located in Missouri.  These boards are completely tested before they are released for shipping  With so many boards on our site it is impossible to stock boards, please allow two to three days production time for your order to ship.

Key Fob Control Is Here!

Trigger relays with a Key Fob!  Here's a lists of great features: