NCD Component Library

Fully functioning programs for Potentiometers are included with the NCD Component Library. With the NCD Component Library we've "started" the programming for you. We say started because these are fully functioning samples but we've also included the source code so you can customize them to your exact needs.  The NCD Component Library is a plug-in for the Visual Studio 2005/2008 that greatly simplifies the communications to the NCD product line.  The samples can be run in Visual Studio and fully customizable to your needs.  Two different Potentiometer samples are available.  One for simple control of 8 digital potentiometers and one for storing and reading stored potentiometer values.  Start by downloading the FREE NCD Component Library from the NCD Component Library Page and you will be communicating with any NCD device faster that ever! 

POTSample1.exe 8Potentiometer Control Sample 1
The above sample demonstrates simple control of 8 digital potentiometers. Compatible with all ProXR POT Series Controllers.
The above screen shot shows one of the two available fully functioning Potentiometer samples that are available with the NCD Component Library.  View all the examples on our NCD Component Library Page.