XSC Wireless Reactor Relay
Trigger Relays Automatically Based on Inputs

Take all the Power of the Reactor Series Relay Controllers
...add a Long Range XSC Wireless Interface: 
Configure Wirelessly, Trigger Automatically!

Here's How It Works

XSC Long Range Wireless has the capabilities to cover distances of up to 15 miles!  To cover these distances an outside antenna must be installed and can be purchased with the controller.  As with all our controllers this board is SignalSwitch.com compatible.  Being SignalSwitch.com compatible means that the board can be controlled over the internet, with up to 15 miles from your internet connection.

XSC Long Range Antenna Long Range Antenna

An outside antenna will need to be installed in order to reach the 15 mile limit of these devices.  When you choose this optional antenna we will include everything you will need to install this except for the pole. Included will be the Cushcraft PC9013 antenna, 20 feet of cable (longer cables are not recommended) and the connector to connect the board to the cable.  Purchase a pole to mount the antenna from your local home improvement store and install the antenna.  Connect the board to the antenna via the provided cable and start sending commands.