Sensor Controlled Relay with Bluetooth Interface

Configure or Take Control with Bluetooth Wireless
Relays Trigger When Sensor Limits Reached or Override with Computer Control
Reliable Switching With or Without a Computer

This Reactor Relay is equipped with 8 Analog Inputs that can read switches, resistance changes, or voltages from 0 to 5VDC. Once the limits are reached from the settings you configure the relay will trigger. It's that simple. If the controller remains connected to a computer a computer can trigger relays, timers or events that are stored on the controller for computer control without programming or overriding the analog inputs.

You can expect this Reactor Bluetooth device to function properly in most applications up to 100 feet with the Basic Internal Antenna option. The Enhanced Range External Antenna will give a range of up to 300 feet. The default option is the Basic Internal Antenna and the Enhance Range Antenna is available as an option during checkout. We currently do not support any Bluetooth Communications on mobile device platforms other than Windows Mobile devices.