Reactor Relay with Standard Ethernet Firmware

ZETH-ME uses Digi Stock Digi Connect ME firmware.
Providing a low-cost network communications solution to NCD Devices.
We have just taken Network Communications a Huge Step Forward!

For several years now, NCD has been the Only maker of a powerful Ethernet Relay Controller, but now it's time for a New Generation of Controllers.  We have just taken Network Communications a Huge Step Forward by Offering a Low-Cost and a High-Power Network Communication Solution teamed with our Sensor Automated Reactor Relay Controllers.

Two Ethernet Modules Available

ZETH-ME Ethernet Module ZETH-ME Ethernet Module


  • Includes Extensive Network Configuration Options
  • Supports Virtual COM Port over Ethernet


  • Supports Multiple Communication Methods Simultaneously
  • Web Browser Interface
  • Direct Internet Access

  • Ethernet Network Module

    Introducing ZETH; the Ethernet Network communications Module from National Control Devices. Designed to plug into NCD Surface Mount devices, two powerful Ethernet network communication options bring you device connectivity from anywhere in the world. Our first generation of Ethernet relay controllers was based on the Digi Connect ME Ethernet communications module. This is a great low-cost solution that has empowered our users since 2005, and is now repackaged into the ultra-small ZETH-ME communications module. The Digi Connect ME firmware allows you to login to the device and setup powerful network communication options. Though it does not offer a web browser interface for relay/device control, it does offer many powerful connectivity options for advanced networks at a very low cost. ZETH-ME supports Virtual COM Port Ethernet Communications, Direct TCP/IP communications, or direct communication to ZETH-ME is only capable of handling only one of these communication options at a time, but can easily be reconfigured if you prefer to change how you communicate.