Go Where Wireless Won't Reach

MirX boards with a wired connection should be used in applications where wireless is not an option.  Direct wired applications are advisable between thick masonry walls, steel, or underground installations where a wireless signal won't travel or in areas where there may be interference.  MirX_ZRS controllers are also suitable in applications where security may be a concern.

Who’s Qualified to Use the MirX Series?

Anyone. The MirX Series Controllers are the most consumer-friendly devices we have ever manufactured.  Whether an electronics engineer or a home hobbyist, anyone is qualified to use the MirX Series controller provided the Quick Start Guide is carefully studied. 

ZRS ModulesZRS-A Module

Each board is equipped with a ZRS Module.  The ZRS Modules will be physically wired together using the screw terminal located on the module.  A Quality cable such a s twisted pair Cat 5 or Cat 6 is ideal with a working range of 1000 feet between controllers.  The module is powered from the board and each board will require 12 volts of power and can be hard wired or you can purchase a "wall wart" type Power Supply at checkout.

Read Status of Remote Relays

Both boards are also equipped with LEDs that display the status of the remote relay.  Status information is verified using 2-way wireless communications.  If communication is lost between the devices, the LED will turn off.  Additionally, every MirX controller is equipped with a Busy/Ready LED.  If the Busy LED flashes, this indicates the other device has successfully received and accepted your contact closure status.  If the Busy LED does not flash, the remote device is out of range (1000').

Contact Closure Inputs

A MirX controller has as many inputs on each board as it has Relays.  The inputs on these boards accept a dry contact only - no voltage.  Users must never apply any voltage to an input on either of the MirX Controllers.

Relay Outputs

Relays do NOT provide a voltage output and can be used as a dry contact.  They provide a contact closure output and simply interrupt the power to the device you are switching.