RS232 Solid State Relay with
ProXR Command Set and A/D Conversion

The Most Powerful Command Set Available Anywhere
Read Sensors & Contact Closures with Built-In A/D Conversion
Solid State Relays for Long Term Reliability & Silent Operation

RS-232 ProXR Relay Controller

This ProXR controller is built with the most powerful command set available anywhere.  Put simply, ProXR is a standardized set of commands for controlling relays.  This controller is also equipped with Analog to Digital conversion which is simply converting a voltage in the range of 0 to 5VDC into a number that can be processed by custom software that you develop.  The applications are limitless and the data that you receive such as light levels and temperature levels can easily activate relays when A/D levels are reached.  See more on A/D Conversion below.

Once powered up, the relay controller waits for a command.  A command consists of a few bytes of data.  Usually between 2 and 6 bytes.  Once the command has been received, the controller processes the command, and sends you back ASCII character code 85 to signal the completion of your command.  You can send commands to activate relays, deactivate relays, control all the relays at one time, plus you can send commands that tell a relay to turn on for a few seconds, minutes, or hours.  You can assign 16 timers to any of the 256 relays, and set the timers to go off after the duration has expired.  Look at the ProXR Command Set to see the full list of commands available.

The features list of the ProXR series controllers is extensive.  Our ProXR Software helps get you acquainted with the powerful command set.  To download, look for the ProXR Software in the Resources section to the right and bottom of this page.  The ProXR Manual and the mechanical drawing with dimensions and hole layouts can also be found in the Resources section.

Solid State a Practical Alternative to Mechanical Relays

Mechanical Relays have a good home in low-cost control applications. But for some users, only solid state switching will do. Solid State Relays are ideal for users who require long term reliability, silent operation, or high induction tolerance. Many inductive control applications require a solid state relay. Inductive loads such as Motors, Valves, Pumps, Solenoids, and Large Transformers (including Fluorescent Lighting) benefit from the use of solid state relays because they reduce the chances of the inductive load interfering with the logic of the relay controller.

You can purchase this controller with the relays installed two ways.  You can have your choice of the same solid state relay installed in this board or you can choose different relays to be installed in each relay location.  Simply choose the controller with _MIX in the part number and you will be able to choose specific relays for each location.  If this controller is not a _MIX you can find it listed under Related Products on the right side of this page.

Built with Expandability in Mind

Out of the box, the ProXR series controllers are ready to control 256 relays.  You may not have 256 relays just yet, but if your application grows, then the controller is ready to grow with you.  The ProXR series controllers are built from the ground up to be expanded.  When you need more relays, the XR Expansion port will allow you to add another bank of relays (any kind you need), with programming changes taking minutes instead of hours.  No complicated protocols, just simplicity, built into the controller from the very beginning.

Connect this board to the USB port of your computer using a USB to Serial adapter.  The USB to Serial Adapter is to be used with the Quick Start Kit and is available at checkout.