Multi-Point to Point Contact Closure...

  • Contact Closure Controls Relays in Remote Locations
      - Contact Closure Inputs on Sender Board
      - Relays on Multiple Receiver Boards
  • Sold with Multiple Boards
      - 1 Contact Closure Board
      - Minimum Locations 2
      - Maximum Locations 24
      - 1 Relays Per location
  • Inputs can be Wired to Your Needs
      - An Input for Each Remote Relay
      - One Input controls Multiple Remote Relays
      - One Input can Control All Remote Relays

Multi-Point to Point Contact Closure

MirW controllers allow contact closure inputs in multiple locations control relays in a single location.  The sender boards are equipped with contact closure inputs, used to control relays on the receiver board.  Up to eight remote sender boards and one receiver board are included when you purchase the Mirw Series boards.

Multi-Point Contact Closure to a Sinlge Relay

Mirw boards are available with with up to eight relmote locations with contact closure inputs.  This means if you you can have up to eight locations trigger a single board with relays.  You can have 1, 2, 4 or 8 relays on the receiver board and the same amout of contact closure inputs on the sender boards at each location.  Each relay can be independently controlled at each location or wired so that one contact closure triggers all relays on the receiver board.  You now have total contact closure control in multiple locations for kill switches, sirens, lights, or even extending contact closures in multiple locations to a single contact closure!

Selecting a Board

Below you will find all the MirW relays that are available.  Each set will have two sender boards and one receiver board with relays.  Select the version that has the number of relays that you will need.  You will have the ability at checkout to add more sender locations and choose the amperage of the relay installed. 

Communication Options

Below you will see the options for all the MirW boards.  The current lineup of Multi-Point to Point boards are wireless with a range of up to 1-mile (1.6km).  As with any wireless technologies, for optimal performance it needs to be line-of-sight to get the optimal range or even be able to communicate at all.  All boards are equipped with a small external antenna which can be moved or positioned for optimal range.