Mirror Modules

Control Relays Without a Computer

Like a Remote Control for NCD Relay Boards
Mirror Modules will change the way you look at computer control FOREVER. If you like our products, but don't want to use a computer to control them, then consider using a Mirror Module instead of a computer! Mirror Modules have many features, but their primary function is to act as a remote control for our extensive line of relay controllers. Mirror Modules have built-in contact closure inputs. When these inputs are connected together, the Mirror Module generates control commands used to activate relays in a remote location.  Contact Closures on one side and Relay Controller on the other.  Mirror Modules are compatible with ALL NCD relay controllers. 
    Summary Mirror Modules
  • Control Relays without the use of a Computer
  • Control Remote Wireless Relays from Contact Closure Inputs
  • Controls up to 24 Different Relay Controllers
  • Control up to 256 Different Relays
  • Contact Closure Inputs on One Side, Contact Closure Outputs on the Other Side
  • CPU status LEDs show command processing Activity
  • RoHS option available
This video demonstrates how a 802.15.4 Wireless Mirror Module can be used to Remotely Control Wireless Relays.  The following devices were used in this Video (in order of appearance):  ZSCAN16_MIRROR, ZR15, ZR120, ZR230, ZADR410PROXR, ZADR85PROXR.  We used the XR16OCLP to display the Status of Remote Relays.


802.15.4 Wireless Mirror Modules

If you have an application that requires remote control of relays (switches) without a computer, this device may be the answer you are looking for. 802.15.4 Wireless Mirror Modules act as a remote control for any of our Wireless 802.15.4 Wireless Relay Controllers. Simply connect buttons, switches, and sensors directly to the 802.15.4 Wireless Mirror Module. Any change detected on the inputs are transmitted to the remote relay controller.  For more information on 802.15.4 Wireless Mirror Modules click hereFor more detailed information, video, manuals and to order, please click on the links below.