Wi-Fi Contact Closure Detection

Embedded Wi-Fi Connects to Your Network
Monitor and Read Contact Closure Inputs Using a Computer
Monitor Inputs, Trigger Relays for Full Contact Closure Control

Wi-Fi Contact Closure Monitoring

With this Scan Series Controller you can monitor Contact Closure Inputs using a computer.  With minimal programming, data collection and control from a single controller allows any computer to talk this device from anywhere on a Wi-Fi network.  The SCAN Series command set allows you to read anywhere from 1 to 32 banks of 8 inputs in a single query.  A single bank contains 8 inputs.  Reading 32 banks will report the status of 256 inputs.  It doesn't stop there, because we are focused on relay control you can add relays to the board (up to 256) and control them using the data collected from the inputs.  Remember these are contact closure inputs ONLY no voltage can be applied to these inputs.  As many of our customers already know, working with Wi-Fi devices can be challenging because they must be associated to a wireless network, and must be configured with security protocols. This embedded WiFi Device supports all of the most popular security protocols for wireless security.

Easy Software Development

This device supports TCP/IP Communications over a Local Area Network or, if your network is configured properly, Internet Based Communications.  Simply attach the device to your wireless network and access it through a socket connection.

Configuring the WiFi Module

You must have a WiFi Configuration Kit to Configure the particulars of the Wireless Network the Module will connect to. We have provided Base Station Software that makes configuring the device simple.

On the software side you'll need to install the FTDI Drivers, the .NET Framework v4, and download the NCD Base Station Software.

Just put the WiFi Module into the Configuration Kit, attach the USB port of the Kit to your Computer and open the Base Station Software. From there simply select the COM Port, select Connect, and then select Enter Command Mode. After that simply fill in the information for your wireless network and application and then select the "Please Fill All Fields and Click This Button to Setup" button and they module will run through a series of commands and you're ready to control your board.  For more information on Wi-Fi configuration see Configuring the Wi-Fi Module.

Sending Commands

Base Station Software is available at no charge to get you up and running fast (more on Base Station below).  Once powered up, the controller waits for a ProXR command.  A command consists of a few bytes of data in numerical format (ProXR Enhanced Command Set) usually between 2 and 6 bytes.  Once the command has been received, the controller processes the command, and sends you back ASCII character code 85 to signal the completion of your command.  When a command was sent to read the status of the contact closure the status is sent back.