Ideal for Reading Detectors

Our Scan Series is ideal for reading motion detectors, glass breakage detectors, window/door open detectors, light switches, and other kinds of devices with a contact closure output. Contact Closure Input is a vital part of just about any control system. Our Scan Series Boards allow you to read 16, 32, or 48 switches per Board and can be expanded using our ScanSwitch Series UXP Expansion Boards (see below). Multiple ScanSwitch expansion modules are easily chained together to read up to 256 Contact Closure Inputs per board.

Contact Closure Relay

Control relays with the Scan Series controllers. Using the onboard XR Expansion Port you can add up to 256 relays to any of the Scan Series boards.

Here's How It Works

To monitor a contact closure, simply connect the Scan Series controller to your computer.  The controller will mount as a COM port.  Open the COM port.  Next, you will send a couple of bytes of data to the Scan series controller, requesting input detection. The Controller will report back a value from 0-255, indicating the current status of the inputs on a selected bank in binary form.