Bluetooth Communications

So, you are looking for an easy way for your laptop or PDA to talk to a relay controller with minimal programming.  No Problem, we have just the thing.  Data Collection and Control from a Single Controller allows any Bluetooth equipped computer to talk to our devices as though they were directly connected to a serial port....with NO DRIVERS REQUIRED!

It works like this.  Power up our controller.  Boot up your laptop or PDA.  Use your Bluetooth software built into your computer to Pair this device with your computer.  Once Paired, this device will mount as a COM port on your PDA or Laptop.  Now all you have to do is write a simple program to open the COM port of your computer to talk to this device or use our exclusive ProMOTE Software.  The ProMOTE Software now ELIMINATES THE NEED FOR PROGRAMMING!  Simply download and install the free software, configure the buttons to fit your needs and you're ready to go.  With no drivers required for the Bluetooth Connection and no programming for the control, what could be easier!

If you are already using one of our ProXR series controllers connected to the Serial Port or USB Port, then you will not have to make any software changes.  This device works as though it were directly connected to a serial port on your PC, offering 100% transparent wireless serial communications.