Fiber Optic Communications

Fiber Optic Devices have Inherited the Benefits of an Interface that is Easily Changed while Breaking the EMI Barrier Between the Controller and the Interface.  Future-Proof for Whatever the Next Generation of Interface Solutions Can Provide.

Fiber optic relay controllers offer a somewhat unconventional and unique solution to many technological challenges brought to us by our customers.  We find our controllers subjected to harsh environments without failure.  We find our customers working daily in unique switching applications, without failure.  And now, we begin to face our largest computer control adversary...head on.  Electromagnetic interference disrupts logic circuits of all varieties.  It is a menacing problem that can only be equated to the futile attempt of building a computer that runs flawlessly while being struck directly by lightning.  While we can never guarantee our products to work in high EMI applications, Fiber Optics advances the capacity of our product line to tolerate more EMI by physically and electrically isolating the computer interface from the controller.  This monumental advancement in product evolution will bring us yet another step forward in suppressing EMI.

With the benefits of improved EMI tolerance comes the benefits of building upon a new foundation of controllers that is immune to obsolescence as well.  We call it Future Proof because Fiber Optics is the only interface that can guarantee a forward path of computer interface solutions while still maintaining superior EMI tolerance.

A Future Proof Fiber Optic (FO) controller can be equipped with a Ethernet interface, if you need to control the device over a network.  FO controllers can also be equipped with a Wi-Fi interface if Ethernet is not available.  FO controllers can also be equipped with a ZigBee or Bluetooth wireless interface, allowing you to position the communications circuit well away from the most likely sources of interference.  FO controllers can also be equipped with a USB interface, which has traditionally been the biggest adversary to EMI.  And of course RS-232 to FO conversion is also supported.  But the future holds many other interesting communication options as well, we have our sights set on two new technologies now!

So Where Do we Go From Here?  Fiber-Optic Communication Opens the Doors to Future Interface Technologies, Whatever the Future may Hold.  Because of its Noise Immunity and Reliable Communications, Some Devices will ONLY be Available with a Fiber Optic Interface.