ZB ZigBee Communications

The latest Buzz in Wireless Technology is ZB ZigBee.  ZB ZigBee is a great way to communicate data throughout buildings (or even across town) because it uses all the devices in the area to make sure your data arrives at its intended destination.  ZB ZigBee automatically hops your data all over the ZB ZigBee Mesh Network,  transparently forwarding your data to its intended destination.  The beauty of ZB ZigBee is that you don't have to do anything except tell it where you want your data to go.  The ZB ZigBee Mesh Network handles everything else for you.  We have created a page dedicated to helping ZB ZigBee Mesh Network users understand this technology.  So if you are a first time user of ZB ZigBee and you are looking for a great place to get started, see our article!

By combining the power of ZB ZigBee Mesh Networking with our ProXR series relay controllers, you can take advantage of our powerful ProXR command set for data collection and control, in combination with many wireless ZB ZigBee Mesh Networking features.  ZB mesh is a perfect integration of good speed and excellent reliability, and for the first time, you can now improve data reliability by adding routers between the computer and far away devices.

Here is a quick rundown of what you should expect from ZB ZigBee Mesh Network:

Plug a ZB ZigBee Coordinator into the USB Port of your computer.  The Coordinator will be used to communicated to your wireless ZB ZigBee Mesh Network.  The Coordinator will mount as a COM port on your PC.  Open the COM port and start sending data to the Coordinator.  The Coordinator will forward your data to any or all devices on the ZB ZigBee Mesh Network.

A ZB ZigBee Mesh Network consists of up to three components: 
Mesh Networking Coordinator Icon
Mesh Networking Communications Icon
Mesh Networking Router Icon
Mesh Networking Communications Icon
Mesh Networking Router Icon
Mesh Networking Communications Icon
Mesh Networking Endpoint Icon
A Coordinator is Required because it allows your computer to talk to the ZB ZigBee Mesh Network.  Use only ONE coordinator in your ZB ZigBee Mesh Network.
A Router allows data to hop to another part of the ZB ZigBee Mesh Network.  It helps contribute to the network, and it can serve as an Endpoint device.  In other words, if a relay controller has the Router firmware installed, you can talk to this device directly, or data can be forwarded from this device to another device that may be too far away for the Coordinator to reach directly.  Routers are slower than endpoint devices, so use routers wisely.
An Endpoint device can also be a relay controller or many other types of NCD devices.  However, endpoint devices cannot forward data to other parts of the ZB ZigBee Mesh Network.  Endpoint devices are faster than router devices, so it is always wise to use Endpoint devices when possible, and router devices when required.
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