XSC Long Range Wireless Controller
with Built-In Real Time Clock

Take all the Power of the Taralist Series Relay Controllers
...add a XSC Long Range Wireless Interface:
Time Activated Control is Effortless!

The XSC900SR Short Range Antenna (distance of 1/2 mile) is included with the price of the controller. If you are looking for longer distances choose the XSC900LR  Long Range Antenna (up to 15 miles) option at checkout.

The XSC Series modems connects to the USB Port of your PC and mounts as a virtual COM port. Simply write your software to talk to the port and you will be talking to XSC wireless devices in no time. You will be able to purchase a modem with your controller during checkout.

XSC Long Range AntennaXSC Long Range Wireless has the capabilities to cover distances of up to 15 miles!  To cover these distances an outside antenna must be installed and can be purchased with the controller.  An outside antenna will need to be installed in order to reach the 15 mile limit of these devices.  When you choose this optional antenna we will include everything you will need to install this except for the pole. Included will be the Cushcraft PC9013 antenna, 20 feet of cable (longer cables are not recommended) and the connector to connect the board to the cable.  Purchase a pole to mount the antenna from your local home improvement store and install the antenna.  Connect the board to the antenna via the provided cable and start sending commands.