Ethernet Relay with ME Firmware

Uses Lantronic XPort firmware.
Providing a TCP/IP Network Communications Solution to NCD Devices.
Faster Communications & Base Station Discovery

Attention: Communication Module Upgrade

Please Note: Digi Connect ME Ethernet Communications Modules have been replaced by Lantronix XPort Ethernet Communications Modules, which support faster network communications and Base Station Discovery.  RealPort Virtual COM Port Drivers are NOT Supported by the Lantronix XPort Communications Module.  Direct TCP/IP Communications is fully supported with significantly faster operation.  Please Note Any Existing Customers using the Digi Connect ME Module: Existing Software that uses RealPort Drivers will need to be upgraded to use TCP/IP Communications with the New Lantronix Xport Ethernet Communications Module. There are NO Price Changes for this upgrade.  Photos and Copy shown on this page may show the former Digi Connect ME Ethernet Communications module until we complete our transition to the Lantronix XPort Ethernet Communications Module.

Lantronix XPort

Ethernet Relay with ME ModuleThis board is equipped with a Lantronix XPort Module.  The Lantronix communications module adds Ethernet communications to the board.  The module will connect to a your router with a standard CAT-5 cable.  The board itself will require 12 volts of power and can be hard wired or you can purchase a "wall wart" type transformer at checkout.

Induction Suppression

Induction CapacitorPerhaps the most overlooked aspect of relay control is proper handling of inductive loads. Inductive loads can best be defined as anything with a magnetic coil, such as a motor, solenoid, or a transformer.  Controlling a inductive load using this relay controller requires the use of induction suppression capacitors.  The purpose of this capacitor is to absorb the high voltages generated by inductive loads, blocking them from the contacts of the relay.  Without this capacitor, the lifespan of the relay will be greatly reduced.  Induction can be so severe that it electrically interferes with the microprocessor logic of our controllers, causing relay banks to shut themselves down unexpectedly.  In the case of Ethernet devices, customers may experience loss of communications until the device is reconnected.  Capacitors that we offer are available at checkout, for more information view our Induction Suppression Video.

Wi-Fi RelayWi-Fi Adapter Available

Make this ethernet controller Wi-Fi compatible by simply connecting the Netgear WNCE2001 Universal Wireless Internet Adapter. The WNCE2001 will connect any of these Web Relay devices to an existing 802.11 wireless network. Installation couldn't be easier with Netgear's CD-less, wireless installation. The Netgear WNCE2001 can be purchased on your own or select the Wi-Fi option at checkout to add to your order.