Web Relay with a Linux Framework

Web-i uses an embedded Linux Web Server Module
Pre-Programmed with NCD Web-i Firmware
Allowing you to Control Anything from Anywhere with just the Internet and a Browser
We have just taken Network Communications a Huge Step Forward!

Web-i uses Lantronix Xport Pro Linux Module with custom firmware provided by us, Allowing a Web Browser to Access and Control an NCD Device from a Local Network or Anywhere in the World.


Introduction to the Web-i Control Module.

Control this Device Remotely from Anywhere in the World

Control this Web Relay from anywhere you can get an internet connection and on any device with a web browser.  That means that your computer, PDA, cell phone, iPhone or Android becomes a remote control for this device! This new services is available through our website Link.Signalswitch.com. Each Web-i module has a unique MAC address printed on the top and you can simply enter http://link.signalswitch.com/MacAddress into the URL. Example: http://link.signalswitch.com/00409D43F71C and then type in the password. It's that simple, after a few moments you will be granted access to the controller. A static IP address is NOT REQUIRED for remote access and the device and computer MUST have separate internet connections.

You can Demo This Interface Now at http://www.signalswitch.com:8080/ and control a Live Board here in our office.

Control this Device from a Local Area Network

This device can also be controlled over a Local Area Network. You may need to log into your router to find the IP address. Take note of the MAC address printed on the top of the .NET controller. Your router will display a list of IP addresses and associated MAC addresses. Take note of the IP address that matches the printed MAC address on your controller. Open any web browser and type the IP address into the URL.

Wi-Fi Adapter Available

Make these Ethernet controllers Wi-Fi compatible by simply connecting the Netgear WNCE2001 Universal Wireless Internet Adapter. The WNCE2001 will connect any of these Web Relay devices to an existing 802.11 wireless network. Installation couldn't be easier with Netgear's CD-less, wireless installation. The Netgear WNCE2001 can be purchased on your own or select the Wi-Fi option at checkout to add to your order.
Wireless Web Relay