WiFi control with a Web Browser

NCD Currently offers 2 variations of the Ethernet Modules.  The .NET with Web-Browser interface is also available.

.NET is our own breed of Network Communications. .NET is an Open-Source project that offers a powerful web-browser interface for direct control of relays from a web-page served directly to users from the .NET module, without the need for a server. .NET is accessible from anywhere on your local area network. If you have a static IP address, .NET is accessible from anywhere in the world. In addition to a web browser relay control interface, .NET devices also allow you to control the device from your own software through direct TCP/IP communications while still hosting a web browser interface. Write software that directly accesses the controller or access the control from your web browser. .NET also supports a simultaneous connection to SignalSwitch.com, allowing you to control the .NET from our server, your program, or your web browser...all at the same time. As an Open-Source project, you can customize the interface as needed using .NET development tools.  Use the chart below to compare features of the ZETH-ME and ZETH-NET Ethernet Modules.  This board can be upgraded with the .NET module upon checkout.

Feature Comparison: ME Firmware .NET Firmware
Supports Virtual COM Port over Ethernet YES -
Supports Direct TCP/IP Communications YES YES
Supports Direct Connection to SignalSwitch.com YES YES
Supports Multiple Communication Methods
(Above) Simultaneously
Supports Direct Internet Access Without a Server
(requires static IP)
Includes Extensive Network Configuration Options YES -
Web-Browser Interface for ProXR Series Controllers - YES
Web-Browser Interface for Reactor Series Controllers - YES
Web-Browser Interface for Taralist Series Controllers - YES
Web-Browser Interface for Network Configuration YES YES
Supports Fixed IP Address YES YES
Password Protection YES YES
Open-Source User-Upgradeable (requires development software) - YES