Dry Contact Inputs

The Inputs on the Push Notification series controllers are compatible with any type of dry-contact input (no voltage).  Use any contact closure input such as a button, sensor or another relay and receive an instant SMS and email messages right to your smart phone, tablet, or computer!  Combine with other boards on this site for a total switching/notification package.

Internet or LAN Communications

The Push Notification Series with Wi-Fi will let you choose between broadcasting the sensor data over the internet to a specific server or to all devices on a Local Area Network.  Push Notification series devices with Wi-Fi operate over the internet or on a closed LAN connection.  Multiple Push Notification controllers can report data from all over the world to a centralized server for data monitoring, logging, and evaluation.  Both Local and Internet options give you access to send emails, text messages, and activate relays using N-Button or custom software.

How It Works

The is a contact-closure input detection circuit that automatically forwards sensor data to a network address that you specify.  Configure WiFi Push Notification controllers for your choice of UDP or TCP communications.  WiFi Push Notification controllers send small packets of data to the IP address of your choice.  Push Notification controllers do not directly generate Emails or SMS text messages.  Optional N-Button software or custom-developed server software is required for this functionality.  The Push Notification Quick Start Guide will help you setup your Push Notification Controller for your particular application. Wi-Fi Module

Wi-Fi Wireless Modules

 This board is equipped with a Wi-Fi Module.  The Wi-Fi communications module adds 802.11b/g wireless communications to the board.  The module is powered from the board.  The board itself will require 12 volts of power and can be hard wired or you can purchase a "wall wart" type Power Supply at checkout.  A Wi-Fi Configuration kit is available at checkout.  Wi-Fi Module Datasheet

Configuring the Wi-Fi Module

Purchase a Wi-Fi Configuration Kit to Configure the Wireless Network of your choice and set your password.  This is done through Base Station Software (a free download) and makes configuring the device simple.  Just put the Wi-Fi Module into the Configuration Kit, attach the USB port of the Kit to your Computer and open the Base Station Software.  After a few clicks simply fill in the information for your wireless network and the module will run through a series of commands and you're ready to control your board.  For more information on Wi-Fi configuration see Configuring the Wi-Fi Module.

Easy Security Configuration

The Wi-Fi module offers a powerful and easy to use wireless solution for relay control.  As many of our customers already know, working with Wi-Fi devices can be challenging because they must be associated to a wireless network, and must be configured with security protocols.  This embedded WiFi Device supports all of the most popular security protocols for wireless security.

N-Button Software

The and N-Button Lite make this a complete package to send a text message or email without programming knowledge.  N-Button is a point-and-click software that will allow you to configure the message that is sent and who will receive it.  Full support from the developer of this software means just about anyone can send a message from something as a button push to something as complex as a security system alert.
More on N-Button Push Notification

Write Custom Software

IF you are a programmer you can of course write your own program using the programming language you are comfortable with  This will allow our WiFi Push Notification board to Push data into your program where it can be parsed, logged, and evaluated according to your needs.