Antenna Options
The XSC900SR Short Range Antenna (distance of 1/2 mile) is included with the price of the controller. If you ate looking for longer distances choose the XSC900LR  Long Range Antenna (up to 15 miles) option at checkout.
XSC900SR    $49
Short Range

Included with Controller
XSC900LR    $375
Long Range

Includes Pigtail,
Cable, & Antenna
Modem Options
The XSC Series modems connects to the USB Port of your PC and mounts as a virtual COM port.  Simply write your software to talk to the port and you will be talking to XSC wireless devices in no time. You will be able to purchase a modem with your controller during checkout.
UXSCMSR    $155
Short Range

Includes Modem,
Pigtail & Antenna
UXSCMLR    $484
Long Range

Includes Modem, Pigtail, Cable, & ExternalAntenna