About ProXR

If you are already using one of our ProXR series controllers, then integrating ZB ZigBee will be very easy.  ZB ZigBee actually adds a command set to the ProXR command set.  You send ZB ZigBee commands to talk to the network, and specify which device you want to talk to, you then send ProXR commands to the individual devices to activate relays and collect data.  ZB ZigBee in its power-on state is like having a wireless serial port.  Using ZB ZigBee commands give you the power to communicated to a complex network of wireless devices with incredible ease.

With all the control and backward/forward compatibility you have come to expect from the ProXR command set, this controller allow you to send simple commands to activate relays, read the status of relays, activate up to 16 relay timers, and control up to 256 total relays using the XR expansion port.  All relays are electronically latched, simply send a command to turn the relay on, send a different command to turn the relay off.

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