Wireless ZB ZigBee Mesh Networking

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Remote Data Collection and Control is Effortless!

The latest Buzz in Wireless Technology is ZB ZigBee.  ZB ZigBee is a great way to communicate data throughout buildings (or even across town) because it uses all the devices in the area to make sure your data arrives at its intended destination.  ZB ZigBee automatically hops your data all over the ZB ZigBee Mesh Network,  transparently forwarding your data to its intended destination.  The beauty of ZB ZigBee is that you don't have to do anything except tell it where you want your data to go.  The mesh network handles everything else for you.  We have created a page dedicated to helping Mesh network users understand this technology.  So if you are a first time user of ZB ZigBee and you are looking for a great place to get started, see our article!

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