Wireless Bluetooth ProXR Enhanced with A/D

Take all the Power of the ProXR Series Relay Controllers
...add a ZBT Bluetooth Interface: 
Remote Wireless Data Collection and Control is Effortless!

About Bluetooth

So, you are looking for an easy way for your laptop or PDA to talk to a relay controller with minimal programming.  No Problem, we have just the thing.  Data Collection and Control from a Single Controller allows any Bluetooth equipped computer to talk to our devices as though they were directly connected to a serial port....with NO DRIVERS REQUIRED!

It works like this.  Power up our controller.  Boot up your Bluetooth enabled computer.  Use your Bluetooth software built into your computer to Pair this device with your computer.  Once Paired, this device will mount as a COM port on your computer.  Now all you have to do is write a simple program to open the COM port of your computer to talk to this device or use our ProXR Software available in the resources section of this product.

Android App Available

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play marketplace. Currently it allows you to control up to 8 relays each with individual names. All you have to do is download the app, pair with the desired Bluetooth Board, open the app and select the desired device. Select how many relays your board has, name them if desired. 

Bluetooth Android App Screen Shots
Search "iorelay bluetooth" on your android device and download this free app.