Wireless 802.15.4 Relay Controller

For Users with low Current, Low Signal Switching Applications
Our Wireless 802.15.4 Boards Provide Reliable, Low-Cost Solution
to your Wireless Relay Needs.

It works like this.  Plug our IEEE 802.15.4 modem into the USB Port of your computer.  The modem will mount as a COM port on your PC.  Open the COM port and start sending data to the modem.  The modem will forward your data to all IEEE 802.15.4 compliant devices within range (it is also possible to speak to a specific device when other controllers are in range).

This series of relay controllers are among the smallest, most versatile Wireless Relay Controllers we offer.  In fact, we believe this series to be the smallest serial relay controller on the market with the highest current switching capabilities.

Even a no-frills design deserves a high-quality driver stage, and that's exactly what we put on this Relay Controller.  Fast-reacting flyback diodes help shunt dangerous voltages away from the driver circuit.