TARALIST_TEMPLATE Taralist Time Controlled Relay

Taralist Template

Taralist Relay Controller
Time Sensitve Relays Activate when you want them to!
Use your computer to setup the time schedule and store your schedule into the Taralist controller. Once stored, the Taralist does not require a computer, and will activate relays according to a schedule that can be as simple or as complex as your application requires.
Compliance to ROHS Standards

Control this Device Over the Internet
Signal Switch Compatible

Taralist Template

NCD Base Station Software .zip file  Base Station identifies the controller that is attached to your computer and provides a convenient graphical user interface for controlling and testing your NCD Device. Taralist Quick Start Guide Download the Manual  Download the Taralist Quick Start Guide for Setup Instructions


  • Time Activated Relays using Integrated Real Time Clock
  • Battery Backed Clock Keeps Time when Powered Down
  • Control Relays based on Time Schedule Loaded into Controller
  • Store Schedules Wirelessly AFTER Installation or using the USB Port
  • Programmable Time Compensation Reduces Time Drift
  • Supports Daylight Savings Time with Programmable Schedule
  • Calculates Relay Status from Midnight to the Current Time on Boot Up
  • Controls 256 Relay Based on Time Schedule
  • Override Control of Relays using a Computer (Wireless or USB)
  • Sync time with PC or Manually Set Time
Taralist Relay

This Product:

Ratings AC DC
Voltage 240 24
Amperage 10 10
Taralist Template
1-9 $0.00

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Integrated Real Time Clock

The Taralist series Time Activated Relay Controllers are unlike any other relay timer in the world. The Taralist series have an integrated battery backed Real Time Clock with memory that allows users to control relays based on a time schedule.  Use your computer to setup the time schedule and store your schedule into the Taralist controller.  Once stored, the Taralist does not require a computer, and will activate relays according to a schedule that can be as simple or as complex as your application requires.

The Taralist can be configured with a new time schedule after installation using wireless communications to your computer  Optionally, the Taralist may be configured using the USB port of your computer (you may change or upgrade communication modules at any time).

Time Schedule Events & How They Work

Events are scheduled times when a relay or group of relays are turned on or off.  They are defined by the user first by time: Year, Month, Day of Month, Day of week, Hour, Minute, and Second.  By having these options you have the ability of switching relays on or off at very specific times.  Activate relays only when the day is Monday, activate relays when the day is Monday and the Year is 2020, activate relays when the day is Monday, the year is 2020 at 9:44:21 AM.  They are also defined by how they control the relays, whether they turn a relay or group of relays on or off. You can add up to 999 Events to the list.

Time Schedule Graphic Event Configuration Page  Click for larger picture

Program Multiple Schedules

Override functions are also supported.  So if the normal schedule activates a light during weekdays, but you don't want the light to come on during holidays, simply program your holiday schedule to prevent the light from activating according to your normal schedule.

Daylight Savings Time is also supported, and is FULLY CUSTOMIZEABLE.  As we all know, DST laws change periodically, but the Taralist series allow you to change the year and date of all DST events (we have programmed the US dates until 2030).

Taralist controllers allow you to build and save your time schedule as a file on your computer, you can comment your schedule and control which events are active and inactive.  We encourage you to keep your schedule file in a safe place.  Once you have perfected your file, you can store the time schedule into as many Taralist controllers as you could ever need.

Defining Time

Time Schedule Graphic Setting Controller's Time 
By default the Time Relay controller does not know what time it is so this must be defined. The only way of doing this is from the Configuration Utility. Once your controller is connected to the computer and the Configuration Utility is launched the first thing to do is tell the Time Relay Controller what time it is. You may do this manually or you can Sync the time with your PC. This is done using the window below in the Con-figuration utility. The user can do this by simply clicking the Sync Time with PC Time button or by filling in the Year, Month, Day, Week Day, Hour, Minute, Second parameters and then clicking the Set Time Manually button.

Clock Accuracy - Adjustable Time Compensation

Clock Accuracy is of paramount importance.  Like most clocks, time drift is a reality that must be considered.  The Taralist clock has some special features to help keep the time accurate.  We have included time compensation functions that allow you to automatically adjust the clock forward or back (by up to 15 seconds) each day of the week.  For instance, you may find the Taralist keeps better time if it automatically advances the clock 1 second each day of the week.  Or you may find that you need to subtract 5 seconds from the clock 1 day per week.  Adjustable time compensation will help keep your clock accurate (though it is always a good idea to check on the clock periodically).

When the current time matches the time of the event stored in your controller, you can activate or deactivate a single relay, a group of relays, or all 256 relays.  You can also set the relays to Computer control or Taralist control (this is perfect for holiday override.  A computer may be used to activate/deactivate relays at any time.  The computer will override the time schedule.  The computer can also return control of the relays back to the Taralist controller, or the Taralist controller can be set to automatically take back control of relays at a specific time.

Computer Control

Time Relay Computer Control Time Relay Computer Control
The Time Relay series controllers have some amazing abilities when it comes to making decisions on their own based on the events you configure into them, but you can take control of the relays at any time from a computer as long as communications are established between your computer and the Time Relay device.

The interface elements shown at right allow a computer to take over control of any relay and force the relays to a On or Off state.  You may also turn all relays on or off using the all relays on and all relays off buttons.  You can also read the status of relays by clicking the Read Relay 1-8 Status.  The Status of the relay will be shown to the right of the button.  The slider at the top of the screen allows you to select with bank of relays these commands are directed to.  You may attach up to 32 banks or 256 Relays.

Power Loss Backup Buffer

The Midnight Backup Buffer is a special feature we developed to help keep track of which relays should be activated in the event power is lost.  Every night at midnight, the current status of all relays is stored in non-volatile memory.  If power is lost, the Taralist will load the status of the relays from memory.  Next, the Taralist will calculate all events from midnight to the current time to determine if any relays need to be activated or deactivated.  Finally, the Taralist will refresh all relays and will be ready for normal operation.

Taralist Relay

We've looked at the interface and the configuration now let's take a look at the board design itself.  The Taralist series controllers are machine manufactured for a highly accurate and reliable design.  Fully tested before they leave the production facility each Taralist controller is ready to stand up to rigorous demands from heat, cold or vibration.  The best test of all is the numerous boards in the field from customers all over the world in all sorts of conditions.  Take it from us, these controllers will hold up!

Break-A-Way TabsBreak-A-Way Tabs for a Smaller Design

The Taralist relays have a great feature where space is a premium - Break-A-Way Tabs.  The Break-A-Way Tabs allow most boards to fit in an optional undrilled plastic enclosure.  Snap off the Break-A-Way Tabs and you have a controller with a smaller profile when you need to fit in a tight space. 

Add Relays as Your Needs Grow

The Taralist series controllers are expandable up to 256 total relays.  The controller is fitted with an XR Expansion Port where you can add expansion boards to this relay.  Expansion boards can be added until you reach 256 total relays.  The Expansion Boards get their logic from the main board and will require 12 VDC power.  Expansion boards do not need to be the same relay amperage as the main board or other expansion boards.

Compliance to ROHS StandardsRoHS Option

This board is led free and RoHS Compliant.  If your requirements are for RoHS compliant parts this board is manufactured with RoHS compliant led free parts and solder.

30-Day Warranty/Money Back Guarantee

Taralist series controllers are guaranteed against manufacturing and functionality defects for a full 30 days!  Not to mention a 30-day money back guarantee!  If for any reason you are not happy with a relay purchased from Relay Pros, simply return it within 30 days and we will give you your money back!  Controllers that are damaged by our customers will not of course be warranted under any circumstances. 

Millions of Relay Cycles

Taralist controllers are designed for long life, you should expect to get years of service from your controller and literally millions of cycles from the relay(s) onboard.  With a 30-day warranty and a money back guarantee you have nothing to loose!  Place your order now, while everything is in front of you.


The boards sold are brand new units shipped from our office conveniently located in Missouri.  These boards are completely tested before they are released for shipping  With so many boards on our site it is impossible to stock boards, please allow two to three days production time for your order to ship.  If you have any questions please feel free to call our office at 800-960-4287 or e-mail us at sales@relaypros.com.

Time Control Is Here!

Trigger relays with a sensor with and configure with included Base Station software.  Here's a lists of great features:

    User Friendly Software
  • Point & Click Interface - No Programming Knowledge Required
  • Override Time Schedule When Computer is Connected to Board
  • Read Status of Relays in Base Station

    User Friendly Board Design
  • Break-A-Way Tabs lets you decide the board's size
  • Screw terminal or direct relay connections make connecting to the relays easy


Boot up time of a Taralist controller is less than 1 second. The CPU on the Taralist controller operates at 64 MHz and is capable of processing 2000 events in 17ms. Taralist controllers may be configured wirelessly or through the USB port using the NCD Configuration Utility. A computer may take control of a Taralist controller and control relays by sending only a few bytes of data (using Wireless or USB communications). The Taralist controller requires power at Midnight of each night for proper operation of the Backup buffer. A very small rechargeable Lithium battery is permanently soldered to the controller; the charge rate of this battery is programmable from the NCD Configuration utility. When connected to the USB port of your computer, the Taralist controller must have power to prevent excessive time drift. The Midnight Backup Buffer may be edited using the NCD Configuration Utility. Time schedule events cannot be processed without power, battery backup is used to keep time only.

Taralist Template

Taralist Template


Taralist Template