Contact Closure Relay

Contact Closure Relay at a Glance...

  • Dry Contact Inputs ONLY
      - No Voltage Inputs
      - No Voltage Output
  • MirC
      - Point to Point
  • MirX
      - Point to Point
      - Relays on Both Boards
  • MirM
      - Point to Multi-Point
  • Key Fob Control
      - Key Fob Controls Relay
  • Push Notification
      - Send Text and/or Emails

Contact Closure Relay - Control Relays with a Dry Contact

Contact Closure Relay uses a simple dry contact to trigger a relay with a wired, wireless or internet connection without a computer.  Control a relay remotely with our popular Mirror Series controllers that have separate boards in separate locations that work together as a married pair to control relays.  Control from a contact closure you hold in your hand with a Key Fob board.  Reactor Relays can be controlled by a contact closure without the use of a computer.

Selecting a Contact Closure Relay

Contact Closure Relays are available in different varieties for different applications.  The Mir or Mirror Series is great for transferring the contact closure over a distance to another location.  The Reactor Series will allow a contact closure to start timers and delays.  The Key Fob boards can act as a contact closure you hold in your hand to toggle on/off or start timers and delays. 

Other Contact Closure Options

A quick note regarding some of the Contact Closure Relay boards you will find below.  The MirC, MirX and MirM relays do not need a computer and will transmit between the boards with a contact closure triggering the relay and not a computer.  The Key Fob Relays are triggered with a key fob wirelessly and do not need a computer except for configuration.  The Reactor boards will also need a computer for configuration but not for operation.  Scroll down for a full list of all Contact Closure Relays that we offer and click the links for more information on each series.