Contact Closure Relay

Contact Closure Relay at a Glance...

  • Sold in Pairs
      - 4 Relay on Each Board
      - 4 Contact Closure Input on Each Board
  • Each Device Controls the Other Device
      - Local Inputs Control Remote Relays
      - Remote Inputs Control Local Relays
  • Wired Operation Up to 1000'
      - Using 3-Wire Cable
  • Wireless Operation up to 2 Miles
      - Line of Sight Operation
  • Internet Operation Unlimited
      - Will Find Each Other with Internet Connection
  • No Computer, No Programming, No Set-Up
      - Works Together Right Out of the Box!

Three Communication Choices

Communicate with a wireless, IP or Wired module installed on the boards.  Both boards with the same module are included when you purchase the MirX Set.  Choose an interface below then select the amperage of the relays you would like installed on the next page.

Contact Closure Relay Over a Distance

MirX controllers allow contact closure inputs to control relays in a remote location using a two board design.  Both boards are equipped with four contact closure inputs and four relays installed so each relay can be individually controlled.  Each contact closure controls the relays on the opposite board.  Both boards are included when you purchase a MirX.

Contact Closure Input & Output

The relay can be used to interrupt the power of a device you are switching and also as a dry contact closure output.  Applications where you need to extend the range of a contact closure over a distance at both locations the MirX will work.  Connect the Contact Closure output of your device on either or both boards then wire the relay on the opposite board as your contact closure input in a remote location.

Selecting an Interface

How would you like the boards to communicate?  Below you will find all the 4-Channel MirX interfaces that are available.  Each section is broken down by the interface installed on the board.  The interface will determine how the boards will communicate with each other.  The boards are a married pair and will only communicate with each other, even if there are other MirX boards within range or on the same network!  Choose the interface you require and click that link.  This will bring you to a page where you will select a board based on amperage of the relay installed.