Contact Closure Over IP

Contact Closure Over IP at a Glance

  • MirC Version
      - Contact Closure Input on Sender Board
      - Relay on Receiver Board
      - When Dry Contact Circuit is Closed Relay is On
      - Sold in Pairs
  • MirX Version
      - Each Device Controls the Other Device
      - Inputs & Relays on Both Boards
      - Inputs Control Relay on Opposite Board
      - Sold in Pairs
  • 3rd Generation Ethernet - New for 2020
      - Plugs Directly Into Router
      - LAN Communication ONLY
      - Communicates Over Ethernet LAN Connection
      - Paired Using MAC Address of Ethernet Modules
      - Multiple Pairs will not Intefere with Each Other

Contact Closure Over IP

Contact Closure Over IP boards uses a simple contact closure to control relays over your network.  Control a relay remotely with our popular MirC or MirX controllers that have separate boards in separate locations that work together as a married pair over a network connection.  The MirC Contact Closure Over IP, is a set of two boards a sender board with a dry contact (no voltage) input that controls a relay on the receiver board over a network.  The MirX has inputs and relays on both boards, the inputs control the relays on the opposite board over a network.

How Contact Closure Over IP Works

Contact Closure Over IPThe new Ethernet modules are for local LAN use only.  They will no longer operate over an internet connection as the previous version did, they have to be on the same network.  Basically the way it works is the user configures a Static IP address into one of the board's module and then configures the other board to connect to the first board over a TCP socket.

Selecting a Contact Closure Over IP

Contact Closure Over IP boards are available in two different varieties for different applications.  The MirC has contact closure inputs on the sender board that control relays on the receiver board.  The MirX boards have contact closure inputs on both boards and relay on both boards and the inputs control the relays on the opposite board.  Choose which version fits your needs below.  Each version is available with 1, 2, 4 or 8 relays installed.  Select a version and number of relays needed and this will bring you to a page where you can select the amperage of the relay installed.