Contact Closure Relay

Point to Multi-Point Relay at a Glance...

  • Wireless Operation up to 1 Mile (1.6km)
  • Contact Closure Triggers Relays in Remote Locations
      - Contact Closure Inputs on Sender
      - Relays on Receiver
  • Sold with Multiple Boards
      - 1 Contact Closure Board
      - 24 Maximum Locations
      - 8 Maximum Relays Per location
  • Contact Closure Inputs can be Wired to Your Needs
      - An Input for Each Remote Relay
      - One Input can control Multiple Remote Relays
      - One Input can Control All Remote Relays

Contact Closure Point to Multi-Point Operation

MirM controllers allow contact closure inputs to control relays in remote locations using multiple relay boards.  The sender board is equipped with contact closure inputs, used to control relays on the receiver boards.  Both sender and up to 24 remote receiver boards are included when you purchase the MirM Series boards.

Contact Closure Input & Output

The relay on the sender board can be used to interrupt the power of a device you are switching and also as a dry contact closure output.  Applications where you need to extend the range of a contact closure over a distance to multiple locations the MirM will work.  Connect the Contact Closure output of your device to the Sender Board then wire the relay on the Receiver Board as your contact closure input in a remote location.

Contact Closure to Multi-Point Relay

MirM boards are available with enough contact closure inputs to trigger each remote relay in every location independently and you can have up to twenty-four locations.  This means if you need one or two relays in each remote location you can have up to twenty-four locations, four relays per location and you can have twelve locations and eight relays per location you can have six locations.  The contact closure inputs can be wired to trigger each relay in each remote location in any combination you may need.  This means you now have total contact closure control in multiple locations for kill switches, sirens, lights, or even extending one contact closure to multiple contact closures!

Selecting a Board

Below you will find all the MirM relays that are available.  Each set will have a sender board with enough inputs to independently control all relays at all locations.  You will select the amperage of the relays installed on the remote boards and the type of relay.  Choose the controller that fits the amperage you are switching.  You will find SPDT relays in the 5, 10 and 20 amp versions and an SPST version with 30 amps.  For more information on selecting the correct relay for your application see Choosing a Proper Amperage.

Communication Options

Below you will see the options for all the MirM boards.  The current lineup of Contact Closure to Multi-point boards are wireless with a range of up to 1-mile (1.6km).  As with any wireless technologies, for optimal performance it needs to be line-of-sight to get the optimal range or even be able to communicate at all.  All boards are equipped with a small external antenna which can be moved or positioned for optimal range.